Taking Good Care Of The Ball You Buy For Footy

November 22, 2017 Off By Joanne Saxton

A Tooty is not an ordinary spherical object used for a game. It is used for professional games where the two teams involved are scoring points using this spherical object. The ball is more of an oval shaped object. It is chosen as the official game object of the Australian League. When we say Australian League we are talking about both men’s and womens football. If you buy such a ball for your use, you should be aware of the ways in which it can be looked after so that you can use it for a long time to play the game.

Choosing the Right Ball For You

The first step you ball to take in order to look after the ball right is selecting the right ball for you. The size of the Tooty changes according to the age. A young child will be using a smaller version of this oval object while the adults use a larger size. Not choosing the right size could mean you are playing with a play object which is too small and it may not be able to withstand the rough treatment is receives from older people.

Only Using on Grass Surfaces

A ball which is made from leather or from any other material is supposed to be used on grass. As we know, all of these games are played on grounds which are covered with properly planted and maintained grass. Grass surface does not harm the ball in any way. However, if you use this ball, the most precious AFL merchandise you can have, on a normal road or on a concrete surface you will end up damaging it.

Following Proper Inflation Instructions

These oval play objects are used for the games after they are properly inflated. There is a limit for them to be filled with air. If you exceed this limit you are going to damage it. At the same time, if you do not fill the right amount of air and stop the process before it is properly filled you are again going to end up damaging the ball.

Storing in the Right Place

This oval play object cannot stand too much cold or too much heat. This means if you store it in a place which is always too warm that is not going to be good for the ball. The same goes for a place which is too cold. Take good care of the ball you have in this manner and you will use it longer for games.