Find The Right Exercise For You

July 25, 2016 Off By Joanne Saxton

If you want to lose weight, achieve toned muscles or simply feel good about yourself, then you obviously need to start exercising. Daily exercise is not just about making you look good. In fact, when done regularly, exercise can help increase your energy levels, keep the extra pounds off, and get you to sleep better, improve your ability at fighting off diseases, keep your heart healthy and reduce your risk of developing diseases such as diabetes and cancer. There are several ways to exercise; the key is to find which one suit you best.

Toughen it Up in a Fitness Camp

If you need help staying motivated to keep pushing when your muscles get sore, then a bootcamp is perfect for you. In a fitness bootcamp, you can join a group of people for exercises as the program improves (or develops) your physical strength or endurance. Moreover, trainers will be going around the entire time to motivate you to keep going. And even if it is a group program, your pace does not have to match the others. In addition, a good fitness camp program will offer several exercise levels so that you can move from one intensity level to another gradually. That’s less shock, more fun.

Run Your Heart Out

If you don’t want to join a program, that’s fine. All you have to do is find a nice park with a long path and start running. And you don’t have to run like you’re competing in a track and field meet. You can start with simple jogging and when you feel like you can go faster; just keep picking up the pace. Run for at least 30 minutes a day to get a proper exercise.

Strike a Pose and Get Flexible

If you want to exercise but don’t like the idea of sweating it out in a high intensity program, then you might prefer yoga. Yoga is a slow paced, mat performed exercise that encourages its students to perform certain poses that improves flexibility, muscle strength and breathing. And where as other works out tend to be loud and high energy, yoga encourages silence as it also teaches its students to meditate.

Play Sports (Computer Games Don’t Count)

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to play sports. Choose your favorite sport – tennis, basketball, football – and just keep playing it with your friends. Commit to a regular schedule of at least thrice a week. You and your buddies will be feeling fit in no time.